Is it free to use the BioQuote platform?
YES!!!. The BioQuote platform is an absolutely free service for all users. Feel free to fill in your details and you will receive quotes from different suppliers for FREE!
Do I need to register to use BioQuote services?
No. you don't have to be a registered user in order to use BioQuote services. But there are benefits for registered users.
What are the benefits of being a registered user?
Some of the benefits of a registered user are:
  • A registered user can send a request for multiple products on the same quote request (rather than sending new requests for each product).
  • A registered user doesn’t have to fill his details in every time he asks for a quote.
  • A registered user can view the history of his past quote requests.
  • A registered user can share the information with his colleagues in case he is out of the office or not near a computer.
In what time frame should I expect a quote?
Normally the time frame to receive quotes is 48 to 96 hours. Yet, some of the suppliers may send the quotes even earlier than this. If you require the quote earlier than this time frame, please mention it in your quote request.
It has been more than 96 hours from my quote request and I am yet to receive a quote. What should I do?
Please contact us and we will check with the relevant suppliers.


I am a supplier and I want to join your supplier’s network. What should I do?
BioQuote welcomes suppliers to join our supplier’s network. All you need to do is to contact us and we will supply you with a unique user name and password so you may login as a supplier. Then please go to our log in page and login in order to start increasing your sales.
Does a lead cost money?
Only if you decide to get the full details of the lead (e.g.: potential customer name and full details of a quote request) you will need to pay a minimal fee.
I don't have BQ points. Could I still buy the lead?
Unfortunately, we only accept BQ points as payment. The BioQuote lead platform is open to BioQuote members only. Please refer to one of our 3 packages to purchase your BQ points. Once you buy one of our packages, your account will be credited and you can purchase the lead.
Do I get all the quote requests?
No, the unique BioQuote system analyses every quote request and only then we send the quote request to the relevant suppliers (as per your preferences in the registration form). If you wish to change your preferences, please login and change it accordingly.
What are the advantages for me?
The BioQuote system works as your sales representative with one main difference - we are accessible to ALL your potential customers 24 hours a day. We offer you the potential to expand your business with new products and new users. All for a very small lead cost.
Do I need to pay BioQuote commission for every sale I make?
NO. The BioQuote system is free for users. Suppliers pay for lead costs ONLY if they are interested in receiving the quote request. Once you purchase the lead, all communication is directly between you and user.
How can I advertise on your website?
BioQuote offers very competitive advertising packages. Please contact our team for more details at info@bioqoute.co.il